ramanujan maths academy
ramanujan maths academy

Ramanujan Mathematics Academy and Mathematics Library are mathematical voluntary organizations in Andhra Pradesh, India. They were established by a group of mathematics teachers in Someswaram, a small village in Rayavaram mandal E.G. District of Andhra Pradesh on red letter day in the history of world mathematics i.e., the birthday of the mathematics genus Srinivasa Ramanujan on December 22nd, 1990 under the leadership of K.V.V.Satyanarayana, the president and founder of the academy.

The main objective of establishing a mathematics academy is to cultivate a good mathematical culture among the young minds who are the most valuable natural resources. Children need to recognize and feel the beauty, royalty and importance of mathematics both inside and out side of the class room from elementary level. They have to identify themselves that the mathematics is not only to get good marks and ranks but also have a lion share in developing the total personality of a good citizen. Our another important aim is that the children have to enjoy mathematics from the greatest activities of world wide mathematicians how they achieved and stood in a unique position and at the same time the students have to know how the mathematicians lead their lives very simply only for the sake of mathematics, which is the mirror of the civilization. For the past 20 years, academy has been conducting various activities for students, teachers and lovers of mathematics.

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